Programming Skills

I am programming in Python, C#, SQL and Delphi. Some of my important projects are:

    This website contains some Mathematical Tools. The backend of this website has been programmed, totally, in Python. I have used:
    • Flask Framework
    • Microsoft SQL Server as Database
    • HTML5, Bootstrap 4, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, etc.
  • BackTrans Project
    This application acts as a tool to backup folders and files in Windows OS without file_sharing permission. It has been coded in C# and includes:
    • Some Windows Applications for monitoring, viewing and downloding backup files.
    • A Microsoft SQL Server Database
    • A Windows Service for collecting and sending data
    • A Restful Web Service (in .Net Core 2) for getting data from Windows Service
  • ICS eFleet Project
    This application is the main app in ICS (Iranian Classification Society). It includes some parts of automation system, some parts of financial afairs and its main usage is issuing certificates for vessels. I have developed some parts of that. It has been coded in Delphi.